add ACK search in project

Klaus Hougesen 13 years ago updated by Leonid Shevtsov 11 years ago 3
I think that the build in "find in files" operation uses a Python variant of ack.  If you set up the exclude patterns correctly for the project, then you can gain a lot of speed.  It is inconvenient for some file types that you have to list all extensions (e.g. having to list *.c and *.h to get all C files).  But other than that, it works nicely.

after working with ACK for quite a long time, i was just introduced to "The Silver Searcher" aka "AG" which does exactly the same, but i way faster : https://github.com/ggreer/the_silver_searcher


I made a plugin which lets you search in project using both Ack and AG, and some more utilities: https://github.com/leonid-shevtsov/SearchInProject_SublimeText2