go to anything - filename starts with word?

bjl 7 years ago 0

Basically, I was hoping to replace eclipse's Open Resource dialog.

The Open Resource dilaog allows you to type a file name, with wildcards, to open any file in a project.

go to anything works a little differently in that go to anything is basically a search.

Lets say I know a filename starts with the word "sublime" and also has the word "text" in it somewhere. In eclipse, I would type "sublime*text".

However, in sublime, simply typing "sublime text" is getting me all sorts of files I don't want. I have to jump down about 100 files to find the file I want. (The project I work in has over 30k files)

Is there anything in sublime that will faciltate this?

A simple solution could be a regular expression mode, where I could type ^sublime.*text to signify I want a file that start with sublime, and has text in it somewhere.