line highlighting and spell check

Perry Kibler 8 years ago updated by Keith David Bershatsky 7 years ago 7

On the Mac version, if you have line highlighting and spell check both set to true, the spell check (at least with the Twilight theme) is very flakey. The lines always show up, but the text will go from black to white quite often. 


 I also experience the same problem in multiple Mac environments. It is very distracting.

I see this behavior with the Soda Dark theme and the Tomorrow Night Bright colors. It's a shame to have such a wonderful product marred by a silly error like this.

Same here, also Soda Dark theme (+ slightly modified monokai color scheme). Quite annoying.

Using a white background, I was able to at least prevent the misspelled words from disappearing.  I have not noticed any difference in the behavior by turning line highlighting on or off.

The original poster reported that "the text will go from black to white".  I am getting an intermittent change to a radioactive bright green.  If anyone has something other than radioactive bright green, then please let me know what your setup is -- i.e., theme, language, and anything else you think might be causing it.  My hope is to insert a line of code into the theme file that defines the bug (intermittent misspelled word color) to be the same color as the regular text -- so when it changes colors, we do not notice it.  That way, only the squiggly red line will disappear -- which would probably be the best we can hope for with ST2.  The most recent nightly build has the same issue as the last stable release.

There is now a viable workaround -- a spell check alternative.