Sublime freezes when opening a folder with a huge tree and creating a file

Catalin Poida 6 years ago 0

I want to report a bug on sublime 3 on linux Mint cinnamon.
Not entirely sure if this is how I reproduce it, but this is what happens now. So I'll just detail the enviroment and the effects:
- I open a folder with sublime where the tree is very huge: 101,788 items, totalling 80.9 GB :twisted:
- was working with python language and decide to create a file (within the sublime sidebar) and now is when the program goes mad and uses 100% CPU and ... stuck. :cry:
After a while, the CPU goes down, but the sublime does not get back on its feet.

If there are any other information you need, just tell me :D

ps: I posted this bug on a forum as well. Didn't know which was the right place