MySQL Completion

alpha logic 7 jaar geleden 0

MySQL completion should be included in a distinct package (currently Sublime Text 2 include MySQL completion in PHP completion), 

because some MySQL functions are already deprecated and will be removed in the future and 

because MySQL has been extended with Mysqli, Mysqlnd, Mysqlnd_ms, Mysqlnd_qc, Mysqlnd_uh, Mysqlnd_mux and Mysqlnd_memcache.

MySQL Function completion should have the full syntax



Mysqli Class completion

Mysqli_stmt Class completion

Mysqli_result Class completion

Mysqli_driver Class completion

Mysqli_warning Class completion

Mysqlnd completion

Mysqlnd_ms completion

Mysqlnd_qc completion

Mysqlnd_uh completion

Mysqlnd_mux completion

Mysqlnd_memcache completion .