Tabs shortcuts like in browsers: re-open closed, move tab

Vincent Voyer 8 years ago updated by Timo Lehto 7 years ago 4
We should be able to do like in any browser:

re-open last closed tab : ctrl+shift+t (> 1 level of close)
move tab right-left : ctrl+shift+pageUp/Down
In the Mac build, cmd-shift-t opens the most recently closed tab. Similarly, ctrl-tab moves you to the next tab, and cmd-opt-left/right arrow moves you between tabs in the arrow's direction....

What I would like : being able to reorder tabs in the tabs bar without using my mouse, like in chrome using ctrl+shift+pageUp/Down

This is a must. Can't live without being able to rearrange tabs. ctrl + shift + pageup/-pagedown would be so awesome.