Opening Recent Files Opens Blank if File is Moved

Sky 7 months ago 0

Hi all,

If I move a file in my filesystem I notice odd behavior from Sublime where opening files via File > Open Recent > file_name "opens" the file but the body is empty. The tab that opens has the right filename but no data is displayed. If I open the same filename at its new path via File > Open File... everything is fine. I would expect that if a file was moved and didn't have the same file path that at least Sublime would error out that it couldn't find it when attempting to open via Recent.

This is definitely minor / low priority but figured it was good to raise it to your attention.

Operating System: Arch Linux
    Kernel: 5.1.4-arch1-1-ARCH

Sublime Text Version: 3.2.1 Build 3207

No related software or plugins are installed