Alternative to tabs for large number of open files

James Perry 8 years ago updated by chaiguy 8 years ago 3
More frequently than not, I'll have more than just a handful of files open, and there is a threshold for the number of open files until the tabs become unusable:

I like the way BBEdit manages the list of open files by tucking them away in a pop-up menu in the UI:
Wondering if a future version could allow an option on how open files are displayed in the active group. The side-bar gives an alternative view, but I don't always have it open.
While having a menu that lists all open tabs in and of itself is not a bad idea, please don't replace the tabs with such a menu.

Frankly, multiple rows (wrapping) tabs is the best way I can think of to handle this.
Agreed. I didn't mean replace, I meant as an option. Multiple rows of tabs may be better if one has the vertical real estate for 3 to 4 rows..., Notepad++ does the multiple rows.
The Window menu should also be hierarchical and show all open tabs for each window in a second level.