Add support for Windows Command Line

Romain Goncalves 13 år siden opdateret af Wojciech Bederski 12 år siden 5
Could you add support for the Windows command line into the Sublime Text console ?  Some people (myself included) are obligated to use Windows at work, and have to use some command line tools (SVN, Git, Compilers, Databases, ...). Using them directly from Sublime Text would be a great feature !
Are you looking for a terminal window inside ST2 or just to execute some predefined commands?
A terminal window would be nice, or else the ability to create or launch batch commands
The console supports Python 2.6.5, which is way more flexible then the Windows command line, besides you can run Windows batch files through the Sublime Text 2 build system, besides you can run batch files through python and pass in whatever input you need to.  Hell, you could have Python write your batch script and run it!
There are tools with interactive console that also works in windows, such as grails or even the roo. It'd be nice to have the console inside ST2 instead of working with 2 open windows.

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