Error trying to parse workspace after running out of space

Cyril Duchon-Doris 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1


My SSD just ran out of space while I was using Sublime Text. This seems to have resulted in writing an incomplete `.sublime-workspace` which cause a Sublime Text crash on startup

Error trying to parse workspace: Expected value in ~/projects/mjg.sublime-workspace:3305:9

I am not sure whether it's safe or not to delete the .workspace file in this case

Basically the sublime-workspace was just truncated, meaning the text ended up with lots of unclosed brackets/braces, etc.

I tried manually re-adding the missing brackets but then my SUblime Text just crashes on startup.

I have an error message when trying to leave Sublime text, I closed the window quite fast so I could not see, but it must have said there was an error while writing the file to the disk. I wish it had actually done NOTHING and preserve my previous working workspace. Not it seems like I have no other option but to remake my project manually...?