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Counterfeit mobile products are usually offered via online shops and web stores. A lot of fake items are rampant online. This is due to the fact that consumers cannot check the products firsthand before they can place an order.
When you buy any product online, it is impossible to check the exact merchandise you will be purchasing without the help of assets like photos and descriptions. However, the assets may look enticing due to photo manipulation, fake descriptions, and other content that may conceal the product’s authenticity. This is why promotions may seem appealing because of its marketing quality.
Those who sell counterfeit mobile products get a bigger profit than the legitimate companies who sell authentic items. A lot of people who purchase stuff online are not really sure of the quality of the items they ordered.
Avoiding fake items
Here are some tips on how to avoid fake mobile accessories and other items:
• Learn how to spot a fake
Retailers can easily put on some nice photos and compelling content about the product but it doesn’t mean that the product isn’t fake.
• Look at the price
Sometimes, if a deal is too good to be true, the product is probably a bogus. Counterfeit products are often sold at a very affordable price which is lower compared to the price quoted by the official retailer. Comparing the prices on several websites can really help you to spot a fake item. You also need to look at the total price that includes the delivery cost, VAT, banking fees, custom duties, etc.
• Check the identity of the seller
It is essential to check the contact details of the online store to verify if it really exists. You can also use it in case you have any complaints or encounter some problems about the products you purchased. Take note of the name, address, email, as well as the phone number.
• Check if the website has a security features on the payments page
Before you pay the contents on your virtual shopping cart, you must check if the website has a secure payment page. Look for the padlock or key icon in the URL bar and see if the address begins with “https.” If you’re paying using your credit card, these indicators are important to look at before you complete the transaction. In that way, the website is protected in case of fraud. It can be risky to use direct money transfers such as Western Union, Moneycorp, Worldremit, Worldplay, etc. due to its unsecured payment capability.

Authorities give a warning to people who are fond of shopping through online means. Dominion Group International and other popular e-commerce websites try to improve the security features on the website to ensure the protection of the customers. Online shoppers are the usual target of fraudsters
since they cannot immediately check the authenticity of the product before completing the transaction.