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A warning on the use of harmful smartphone cases that contains liquid materials has been released by the Practical Living Information Online-Network System (PIO-NET). By linking the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, the local consumer centers, as well as similar organizations across the country through an online network, they have gathered some information on inquiries concerning consumer affairs.

They were also a number of cases examined especially for their news release. They have collected some data registered from April 2011 to February 29, 2016. The consumers must beware of the leakage from a smartphone case containing liquid.

Cause of leakage

The mobile phone cases are made of low-quality materials which get easily broken when the mobile device is dropped. When damaged, the phone accessory can easily get a crack and the liquid it contains can leak through.

The liquid material is made of chemicals with a nasty smell. The brands of mobile phone cases underwent primary skin irritation test. The encapsulated liquid material that has been found on the three brands of smartphone cases turned out to cause severe skin irritancy, as well as skin corrosivity. Another brand also causes moderate skin irritancy which brings an itch to the victim.

Paraffinum liquidum and mineral oil were found in three brands with the ingredients of the liquid material. These ingredients are petroleum-derived oils widely used for fuel, lubricant, cosmetics, etc. However, it might cause a rash or inflammation on the skin so it should be handled with care.

Harmful effects

The kind of mobile phone case reported has been sold in the market, along with other types of smartphone cases for protecting and decorating smartphones. The colorful and adorable design of these mobile accessories has been sold like pancakes.

However, the mobile phone owners should beware of some harmful products because it may contain chemical liquid inside. There were reports of chemical burns caused by the chemical liquid leaked from the smartphone cases. The product review of such mobile phone accessory can be found on the web. There were incidents reported in 2015 or later, wherein the victims got a rash from liquid that leaked from the case. Some people who filed their complaint said that the smell made them sick.

Others have a complaint about the redness and swelling of the skin they experienced. They felt itchy when the liquid reached the skin which causes a rash. According to the examination, some victims were diagnosed with skin burn.

If by any chance the liquid had leaked and attached to your skin, carefully wash the area with running water and if symptoms occur, be sure to see a doctor.

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan examined skin irritancy of the chemical liquids found in some smartphone cases. They decided to release a warning about the issue to alert the consumers. The public must avoid the purchase of the said products to prevent the recurrence of similar problems.