Adjust brightness/saturation of color scheme globally via setting

Joel Thornton 12 years ago updated by Indospace-dot io 6 years ago 3
A few settings to globally adjust the brightness and saturation of the current color scheme (any scheme) would be useful. 

This would allow users to "tune" any color scheme to their tastes without tediously editing RGB color values in the scheme files. Many color themes may have a very pleasing palette, but just be too bright or too washed-out for one's tastes.

I'm thinking something like:
"background_brightness_multiplier": 1.0,"background_saturation_multiplier": 1.0,"foreground_brightness_multiplier": 1.0,"foreground_saturation_multiplier": 1.0

This is great idea. I often work at night having lights off using Sunburst theme (colors on black bgr) and this possibility would have been great. I can dim my LCD but it is somehow less comfortable than preset ;-)

Yes, very much agreed.  One of the things I love about textmate is using a dark background theme that is not screaming colors in my face, my eyes are very color sensitive.

very nice!  i i am desperately seeking a way to increase brightness for better code visibility.