New window from Mac dock icon

lkraider+openid 8 years ago updated by lewen7er9 7 years ago 3
Feature Request:
Add an option on the right-click menu at the Mac dock icon to open a new window.

Many apps on the Mac have some useful commands on the menu that appears when you right-click their icon on the dock, Sublime has none, but an option to open a new window would be really useful, specially when working with mission control spaces and you want a new sublime window on the current space.

This is definitely a turn off, agreed.

Totally. I find myself always wanting this. Probably scriptable in Automator or something, but what a bore.


Here's the best workaround I could find (piecing together solutions found on StackOverflow): 

1. create "subl.command" file as follows:

$ echo $'#!/bin/bash\n\nsubl -n' > ~/arsenal/macosx/subl.command
$ chmod +x ~/arsenal/macosx/subl.command

2. Open Terminal.app Settings, and under "Settings > Shell" select "Close if shell exited cleanly" option under "When the shell exits:"

3. When you want to open a new Sublime Text window in a new Mission Control space, use Spotlight (press "CMD+Space") to run "subl.command" .. VOILA

It's nice that it's all keyboard-driven, BUT I would still prefer right-click option.