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Aside from Japan, China, and other Asian countries—Philippines has kept a good relationship with other western nations like the United States through the years. However, due to the increasing rate of deaths in the drug war of the country, the neighboring nations expressed their opinions.

Human rights group based in the Philippines condemn the killings under the drug war. The growing rate of deaths also alarmed other international human rights activists and organizations from other countries such as the United States.

Human rights protest

Human rights group from the United States was troubled by the budding number of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. There were data released mentioning about thousands of people that are mostly drug users and small-time dealers, who were been killed since Duterte took office.

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has promised a crackdown on illegal drugs. During his State of the Nation Address (SONA), he highlighted his will to drug trafficking in the country. He also released a warning to the cops and government officials involved or having any connections with drugs.

He ordered the national police to strengthen their efforts to apprehend drug lord, suspected drug dealers, and users. According to the president, he will support and give awards to the police to boost their morale.

Thousands of police-involved killings have been reported and a big percentage of those are still under review and investigation. Because of the rising rate of extrajudicial killings, it has brought condemnation from human rights activists and groups locally and internationally.

Police defense

The recent drug raid operation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) became a controversial one. There were civilians injured and killed which the police called as “collateral damage.” A 17-year old grade 11 student named Kian Delos Santos is one of the people killed during the police operation.

There were mixed reactions to the news about the 17-year old individual who was shot during the drug operation. According to reports, there were also other victims affected by it. The police said that the minor was a drug courier. He was killed because he tried to resist the arrest with a gun. A witness released a statement about the incident. Instead of a warning shot, the police fired at the 17-year old.

The family and friends, as well as other people from social media, thinks that the police who cornered the child have intentionally killed him. The family complaint about the statement of the police telling Kian works as a drug courier. For them, it is just a way to dissolve the issue.

After the incident, there were lawyers who tried to reach out to the family and offer their legal services for free. They would like to help out the family and prosecute the policemen involved in the operation that led to the death of the minor.

Until now, the case of Kian Delos Santos is still under investigation. A senate hearing that benefits the case will be held to give justice to the death of Kian Delos Santos. The senators would like to discuss the matter and further probe those who are involved in the operation.