Using tag#with-hyphen doesn't work.

braftre 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Would it be possible allow hypens when using tag#with-hyphen/tag.with-hyphen like in the snippets? As we use it as a common naming convention for css styles.

Also great work mate love this editor more and more.

Make escape set focus on sidebar when focus is set on the editor

aristidesfl 6 years ago 0
Currently escape has no function while the focus is on the editor and no panels are open.

It is possible to change the keymap to achieve this by verifying negatively if all the other possible contexts for the escape key are not met.

This is very cumbersome and doesn't provide compatibility should new cases for the use of escape be added to the keymap file in future versions.

Would be nice to have a key which indicates if the focus is set on the text editor so the context of the escape key could be set in a affirmative manner.

Anyway, this doesn't really work because escape is hardset to take focus from the sidebar so it only gains focus momentainly and then goes away..

Support for multi-user environment ($SUBLIME_DATA)

eric ripa 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 1
Today we can launch Sublime Text with --data to use a custom data dir location. It would be good to have the option to set for example $SUBLIME_DATA to a custom location to make this change "permanent".

This would make it easier to use Sublime Text in a multi-user environment (like a Citrix/VNC terminal service type of corporate environment) where only one central installation of Sublime is present and each user have their own data directory. 

Custom closing bracket position for CSS

Илья 5 years ago 0

Here is an example of what is happening now:

.class {


So when I'm typing ".class {" SublimeText automatically inserts "}" (which is correct). Then I press Enter and get this:

.class {



But what I really want is (attention to the closing bracket - it's indented by additional tab):

.class {



I've even seen (ok, it was only once) in some editor special setting for this. Now I start using SublimeText (which is cool!) and I feel that it can be customized in a such way but I'm not quite sure how.


The Avanti Law Group: Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Services

Efrain Hensley 4 years ago 0
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open files list window

dannie s 5 years ago 0
It would be nice to have the functionality that was in MultiEdit for DOS/Windows - open files list with selection ability (or maybe quicksearch), called by customizable hotkey.

unify shortcuts under windows and linux

Antoine Hebert 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1
I use sublime text on Windows and Linux and some shortcuts are different which is always confusing me. Specially the multiple selection which is shift+alt+down on linux ans ctrl+alt+down on windows.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Key bindings are the same between Windows and Linux, except where platform conventions dictate otherwise (e.g. Ctrl+Q to quit on linux), or where the window manager will typically eat the key bindings on Linux.

Support Dart

Mathieu Breton 6 years ago 0

Could TextMate support the Dart language (for the syntax colorization)


trash folders, delete unempty folders

Tomáš Ivánek 6 years ago 0
It would be cool to add a ability to trash folders and ability to delete unempty folders from sidebar

Don't move the view position when I adjust tab size

Jeff Yeo 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 1
It's especially big deal when the file is like 8000 lines long.
Resize the tab window size just a bit and I will be looking at a whole new different place in the file.
I don't think the way it is now is beneficial to anyone.

Please make it so that current view is kept still as I adjust the tab size. 

"Open Recent" file names not parsed correctly

Greg Corrigan 5 years ago 0

May be just a Linux issue, but when I go to "Open Recent", the menu is not properly escaping the file names listed, so underscores become alt+[letter] key combination indicators.

For example, the file stats_controller is listed as statscontroller, with the "c" in the middle underlined.

It does open the file properly. Just needs to be escaped properly in the menu control, and unescaped when executing the fopen()


Automatic docbloc comments

Hari K T 6 years ago • updated by Sven Axelsson 6 years ago 1
Automatic docbloc comments

adding the above and pressing enter should generate the docblox comments.

Eg :

     * @param type $hello
     * @param type $world
     * @return type
    public function helloWorld( $hello , $world)
Netbeans has the functionality, not sure whether I am missing something in Sublime

Toggle comment shortcut removes other comments

Romain Goncalves 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Situation : 
  • File type : .js
  • I have a class description comment at the start of my file :
     * Class description
  • I have a big comment block at the end of the file (classic /* ... */)

How to reproduce : with that similar file structure, select multiple lines, and use the "Toggle Comment" shortcut (Ctrl+/ on my machine)

At first you think nothing has happened, and if you try it again, it will comment your lines. But what you may not have noticed is the effects of the first shortcut use : it removed the "/*" at the start the file and the "*/" at the end, causing execution issues.

I can reproduce the bug on 2 computers (build 2126 on one and 2181 on the other) with the same effects. Both computers use Windows XP Pro x86


unresponsive copying using Command+C shortcut in OS X

Eugene Wolfson 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1

vintage mode: paste over visual selection

Michael Seiwald 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
It's currently not possible to paste over a visual selection like in Vim with 'p'. I works with Ctrl+v btw.

Support aliases in Goto Anything for lazier file access in large projects

Jocelyn Turcotte 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
I'm usually working with projects containing a lot of files, and to make sure that the file I want gets to the top I have to type most of the file name which is around 10 to 15 characters each time I want to open a file.

So it would be cool to be able to configure aliases which would also show matches for the aliased text.
For example if I have a directory structure with the following path under the project directory, containing 10 files:
dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/<10 files here>

Then if I could alias "dd" = "dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/", I could get those files to the top just by typing "dd" + 1-3 chars of the file name for the one I want to open.
This would also allow aliasing a specific file's full path to a few chars to which I could append "@" to get a list of it's symbols immediately.

If the alias text is matched itself in some files path, those matches could also be shown in the list under the aliased matches (which I think should have priority to the top).

Add a Touch File Command

Suraj Reddy 6 years ago • updated by lanzz 6 years ago 1
It'd be helpful to press a button to "touch" a file/update it's last edited date.

This is very helpful for rails testing where you have a process watching a file for changes that runs a test whenever the file changes.

Sometimes you want to re-run the test without actually changing a file.

Clone File - Jump to exact line

Stefan Pausch 6 years ago 0
It would be nice if the "Clone File" would jump to the exact view/line as the origin file.

Westhill Consulting Jakarta What You Need to Know About Ipo Investments

annette cerise 4 years ago 0
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