ransom 6 years ago 0


{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input>" },

it's not really enough see: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_forms.asp

No hints on: <input type="{ctr+space}" />

Format should include: <input />

to be self closing and more xhtml compliant

{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input type=\"$SELECTION$1\" name=\"$2\"value=\"$3\" />" },

would be a good start to a replacement.

inputtext selecting text before hitting tab would then work. Must be done backwards, Forwards selection from first T to last T in text for example should work as well but will fail.  Control+section should work in thought and doesn't in practice.

input.test text should also work but doesn't. 

I know this could be more than one bug report but it's a bit related and I'm tired. 

Not a bug

scroll_past_end not respected sometimes

U.N. 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1

scroll_past_end, when set to false, is not respected in distraction-free mode, as of build 2117, under Windows XP at least.

So does word_wrap, and maybe some other settings

Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Some settings are overridden in distraction free mode, including this one. Instructions for changing this are on http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/settings.html 

Escape sequences inside quoted strings

Daurn Imator 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I've noticed the highlighting for escape sequences inside lua strings is incorrect;
eg; with "\123" only the \1 is highlighted 

Scrolling with keys in GotoAnything

ZachDowd 7 years ago 0

Pressing Ctrl+P, or R etc and using the keyboard keys to scroll up and down changes the selected item but does not scroll the Goto window.

Didn't notice this untill I started using Ctrl+R because the first results in GotoAnything are always the ones that I want.


External Insights, The Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley

Maeve Quin 4 years ago 0
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Seeking to Do Munis Better - January 2014
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Seeking the Upside in a Tough Bond Market - January 2014
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vi interface

Brad Frank 6 years ago 0
Hi there, 

I totally love this interface. Its awesome and intuitive.

However, I keep doing stuff like <Esc>:w blah.py
Is there any way to incorporate a vi-like interface easily as a plugin?

Enable scrolling in long menus

Ethan Levine 7 years ago 0
There are some long menus with scroll buttons at the top and bottom of them (for example, the Syntax submenu which lists all of the different languages you can apply). It would be nice to be able to use the scroll wheel of the mouse to navigate these long menus.

hope sublime2 can be translate into Chinese

lalallaal 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
and if there‘s need any helper, i'm pleasure be one

Anonymous recent projects

adzenith 7 years ago • updated by Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago 3
I'd like it if I didn't have to save a project in order for it to show up in my recent projects -- if I add some folders and edit some files, then it'd be really sweet if that project showed up in the recent projects list, just like how recent files that aren't part of a project show up in Goto Anything.

No way to get from Distraction Free to Fullscreen mode.

qay xsw 6 years ago 0
When in Distraction Free mode (Shift+11) pressing F11 does not enter full screen mode but normal mode even so Full Screeen mode as used before Distraction free mode.

Cameron links typhoon Haiyan to climate change

Jaine yie 4 years ago 0


There is growing evidence that climate change is causing more extreme weather disasters such as the Philippines typhoon, David Cameron said.

In remarks likely to infuriate the green sceptics in his party, the prime minister gave his first acknowledgement that global warming may be linked to increasingly intense storms across the world.

The remarks are Cameron's strongest defence of climate change science for a while, after repeated accusations that he has retreated from his pre-election pledge to run the greenest government ever.

Despite urging people to "vote blue, go green" in 2010, he has not given a full speech on the issue nor attended a UN environment summit since becoming prime minister.

Under pressure from many backbenchers, he has tightened planning controls on windfarms and pledged to "roll back" green subsidies on bills, leading to fears of dwindling support for the renewables industry.

However, Cameron spoke out on the need to tackle global warming at the Commonwealth summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after typhoon Haiyan killed at least 4,000 people and caused devastation across the Philippines.

Asked on Fridaywhether climate change was linked to the Philippines disaster, Cameron said: "I'll leave the scientists to speak for themselves about the link between severe weather events and climate change. But the evidence seems to me to be growing. As a practical politician, I think the sensible thing is to say let's take preventative and mitigating steps given the chances this might be the case."

He added: "Scientists are giving us a very certain message. Even if you're less certain than the scientists, it makes sense to act both in terms of trying to prevent and mitigate."

His comments also coincide with the United Nations talks on climate change in Warsaw, which has seen Japan slash its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and Australia fail to send a minister to the conference for the first time in 16 years.


Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project

bindiry 6 years ago • updated by August Burns 5 years ago 1
Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project,it will open user home folder.

Windows7 32bit

Build 2023 Crashes On Find Anything

Jeffrey Van Alstine 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 2
This is on Ubuntu 10.10

It's a lot rarer then it was in previous builds, but the Find Anything still occasionally crashes.

What happened:
CTRL+P, Typed func_Utility, Opened File.
CTRL+P, started to type @UTIL, crashed to desktop before 'U' appeared

Oh, and just in case the project I'm searching is mounted through SSHFS -o workaround=rename

offline document

bb3903809 5 years ago 0
My PC can't access internet. Can you release the offline help/reference document?

'Find in file" failed to find

Sergey Erokhin 5 years ago 0

bug in 'Find in file'

if file contains chars 0x18 or 0x19

Sublime Text 2 - skip? this file when search .....


bug in sidebar, when open console

kutu 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
watch screencast http://www.screenr.com/LMPs
build 2165

Westhill Consulting Jakarta What You Need to Know About Ipo Investments

antoinne malik 4 years ago 0
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You might be wondering how you can increase the profits you make from your market investing strategies. If you're searching for the most profitable forms of investing that are available today, you should definitely investigate the possibilities of using Initial Public Offering (IPO) investments.

A simple description of an IPO includes the fact that you're buying a business that is just entering the open marketplace. The moment the IPO is released to the public is the first time anyone has the ability to buy the company openly, and this will surely give you a good idea on where the stock itself resides when it comes to the value of the offering. You can wage it is preparing for a large rise in its value because they are just releasing their stock to the public.

Though most of the Initial Public Offering stocks skyrocket after they are first released, you must keep in mind that they are hardly a definite investment. Because of this, there are several factors you must definitely examine before you place your capital into this type of investment.

One of the first factors you must take into consideration before investing into the stock you are interested in is the basic fact that once the stock is available on the market you can't guess if there will be a great deal demand or a total lack.

Because of this, you must do your best to ascertain every bit of information available about the company before making a purchase.

As you comb the market for the best IPOs available today, you must consider the fact that IPOs are usually offered only to the market when a company plans on expansion. There are other instances where companies only want to increase their ability to borrow capital, but IPOs are mostly released to increase the amount of funds they have available for expansion plans.
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Doesn't fully maximised on Windows 7 when Taskbar uses small icons

Bahit Hamid 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
In my Windows 7 64bit, there is a gap between Sublime Text 2 window and the Taskbar when Taskbar has been set to use small icons. The gap is nearly the size of the Taskbar when it is normal size.

I've tested on having the Taskbar postion on top and at the normal bottom position. It is only effected using those position but not left and right Taskbar position.

As shown below:
Top Taskbar position

Normal bottom Taskbar position:


Vintage mode: some counts still do not work properly

Ibrahim Tencer 6 years ago 0
1. <n>j and <n>k do not always preserve the column; it is affected by the tabstop. It will move to a different column even though the column position itself is not updated.
2. <n>. is not implemented.