Make the code complete better!?

Tran Quang Vinh 6 years ago 0

When i type a tag in html and i close it, i must type the close tag.

When i type a function in php, the auto-complete does not show up


Not properly closed HTML tags

cresus18 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Suppose you have a P tag like this:

<p<?php if($foo) echo ' class="foo"'; ?>>

Trying to close it using the keyboard shortcut 'Alt+.' will insert </p<?php> instead of </p>

PHP inside HTML and Javascript

it would be nice to have php syntax highlight inside <? ?> tags, see:
tracker.addVisitorProperty('name','<?php echo str_replace("'","",$this->identity()->fullName); ?>');

insides of <? ?> are not standing out.


Westhill Consulting - WHY WORK WITH U.S.?

lidia pinto 4 years ago 0

The success of our Clients

Our clients through our projects experiencing measurable business results, such as an increase in rankings or awards for exceptional quality.Deutsche Bank: ranked Friendly Bank NEWSWEEK,increased its position from 22 to 7th place.Polish Airlines:best airlinein Central and Eastern Europe, in the category of high standards of customer service.DB Schenker: emblemInvestor in Human Capital.Financial House QS:The Golden Customer Laurelin 2008, 2009 and 2010.comprehensively support our clientsin the areas of our expertise with the client move the process .We carry out projects from managing change, implementing staff analysis of potential employees in the required fields (such as internal coaches), managing the design team creating Standards Manual, to the training.Ethics is a core value for usWe teach only those methods of communication with customers and coaching that are transparent ethically.They have no manipulation, tricks and activities designed to create a one-off effect.kind of work we know our customersare reliable for the participants, because we know their work (almost) as good as they do!Why?We achieve this by the fact that one of the first stages of a project is always a clear understanding of the specifics of project participants.We look at their work, learn about the products, the tools they use, talk with them and their clients.Training is always exactly based on the daily realities of the work of the participants, based on the specific products and topics of conversation that they face every day.More energy implementation activities!Our customers expect us to effect this consistency and discipline Implementation causes permanent changes.We do not give customers peace after the end of training.We know that acquiring new knowledge and skills is more attractive than the consistent application of its work.However, the latter gives a real return and ensure success.

Why not give the UN and Ban Ki-moon a chance?

ayaquinn869 4 years ago 0

You have to admit that the timing of the Russian ploy to trip up (or at least drag President Obama’s feet on) — any US bombing of Moscow ally Syria was exquisite. I for one would now not only want to avoid playing Russian roulette with Vladimir Putin but also would stay out of a high-stakes all-night poker game with him. 

Contemporary historians will now feel required to reassess the quality of the diplomacy of the Putin government. At the moment it does not looks so heavy-footed or even particularly un-artful, does it?

The proposal pushed into prominence is that Damascus consign its chemical stocks to international authority. This came on the eve of expected US Congressional votes on Obama’s proposed punishment of the Assad government’s evident use of chemical weapons inside Syria. The result is to delay that vote pending clarification of the Russian position, and move the world spotlight to the negotiating battlefields of Geneva – and the United Nations in New York. 

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier about this development. Count me as among one of the gazillions of Americans with general growing doubts about the efficacy of US military power to deal with issues that are either primarily political or do not directly threaten US national security. 

There is no question that we could get away with a bombing run or missile shower into Syria. But the main achievement might be only to show further disrespect for the role of the UN Security Council as the primary legitimate international sanctioneer of the use of force against any given sovereign state. 


Technology Of Silos Production - JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction

paulverhoeven 4 years ago 0

Reservoirs, tanks, bio-stations, halls

The firm JMA stavební is the owner of equipment for the manufacture of TBS System reservoirs (Twin Border System). This technology is based on the production of reservoirs (silo, hall or other products) by winding the continuous metal strip along the helix and the sophisticated hooking of the overlapping strip edges. What this system enables is the fabrication of objects with a circular floor projection with properties so unique that they beat other silo or reservoir erection technologies in many respects. The jacket is wound using machinery. A ring beam, which a roof can be attached to in case of need, is bolted to the upper edge. The jacket is connected reliably with a flat or conical bottom over its entire circumference. As a matter of fact the whole delivery shall be carried out in compliance with the applicable standards. The production equipment winds the jacket on site.

The TBS System? That’s what concrete cannot offer tanks.

Thanks to its original wall construction, the Lipp system enables the application of far more favourable wall building (filling, stirring and extracting) technologies and assembly procedures for other elements such as outlets, sockets or ladders. We are able to deliver a filling or emptying technology designed in the same way as other tank manufacturers, only with the advantage of emptying the tank through the bottom outlet which presents the fastest, most reliable and cheapest tank-emptying method.
The inner stainless container needs no maintenance even after years of operation.

100% stainless environment

All containers for liquid or agricultural liquid manure are made of dual material. Internal walls form a 100% stainless maintenance-free environment with a service life of longer than 30 years. The smooth internal surface prevents future deposition of impurities on the walls. The external wall is always hot-dip galvanized and it can be treated with an arbitrary paint system as required by the customer.
We pay attention to the quality, even in details – each external element is stainless or galvanized at the customer’s discretion.


The reservoir jacket is neither bolted nor welded so no failure may occur to bolted or welded joints.

Low investment costs

- Saving in the building area – it is possible to save the building area as required with greater jacket height and smaller jacket diameter.
- Rate of construction – the process of winding takes from several hours up to a max. several days. There is no need to erect scaffolding to fit the required structural elements and paint the jacket. The machinery is attended by three operators on average. Depending on its size and complexity the complete manufacture and erection of the reservoir thus takes from 5 to 14 working days.
- Great variability of the construction – from 3.5 to 40 m in diameter, the volume is only limited by the structural statics. Thus it is possible to accomplish volumes from 20 up to 6,000 m3.
- No standardised diameters – the system adapts to your needs “within a centimetre”.
- Possibility of roofing – all structures can be roofed with a solid roof, tarpaulin or membrane roof.
- Easy dismantling of the structure
- Long service life and low maintenance costs

The firm JMA stavební, Ltd.

The firm JMA stavební, Ltd. further specialises in the realisation of civil and industrial structures in the role of general supplier or possibly the realisation of partial building processes carried out for a general builder. The firm is ready to carry out any building works from pouring concrete to reinforcing works, formwork, brickwork, erection works, carpentry structures, tiling, paving, plasterboard structures, heat cladding systems and internal as well as external renderings of various levels of complexity proposed in various technologies.

JMA quality

The professional quality of JMA stavební is confirmed by the acquired ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005, ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008 Certificate.

Control+Q hotkey to quit Sublime Text in Windows?

Andrew Pennebaker 5 years ago 0

It's nice to be able to use the same hotkeys in multiple operating systems. In Mac OS X, Command+Q quits each application. In Linux, most desktop applications respond to Control+Q, and even a few Windows apps also do this.

Could we add Control+Q as a hotkey for quitting Sublime Text?



ransom 6 years ago 0


{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input>" },

it's not really enough see: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_forms.asp

No hints on: <input type="{ctr+space}" />

Format should include: <input />

to be self closing and more xhtml compliant

{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input type=\"$SELECTION$1\" name=\"$2\"value=\"$3\" />" },

would be a good start to a replacement.

inputtext selecting text before hitting tab would then work. Must be done backwards, Forwards selection from first T to last T in text for example should work as well but will fail.  Control+section should work in thought and doesn't in practice.

input.test text should also work but doesn't. 

I know this could be more than one bug report but it's a bit related and I'm tired. 

Not a bug

scroll_past_end not respected sometimes

U.N. 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1

scroll_past_end, when set to false, is not respected in distraction-free mode, as of build 2117, under Windows XP at least.

So does word_wrap, and maybe some other settings

Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Some settings are overridden in distraction free mode, including this one. Instructions for changing this are on http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/settings.html 

Escape sequences inside quoted strings

Daurn Imator 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I've noticed the highlighting for escape sequences inside lua strings is incorrect;
eg; with "\123" only the \1 is highlighted 

Scrolling with keys in GotoAnything

ZachDowd 7 years ago 0

Pressing Ctrl+P, or R etc and using the keyboard keys to scroll up and down changes the selected item but does not scroll the Goto window.

Didn't notice this untill I started using Ctrl+R because the first results in GotoAnything are always the ones that I want.


External Insights, The Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley

Maeve Quin 4 years ago 0
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vi interface

Brad Frank 6 years ago 0
Hi there, 

I totally love this interface. Its awesome and intuitive.

However, I keep doing stuff like <Esc>:w blah.py
Is there any way to incorporate a vi-like interface easily as a plugin?

Enable scrolling in long menus

Ethan Levine 7 years ago 0
There are some long menus with scroll buttons at the top and bottom of them (for example, the Syntax submenu which lists all of the different languages you can apply). It would be nice to be able to use the scroll wheel of the mouse to navigate these long menus.

hope sublime2 can be translate into Chinese

lalallaal 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
and if there‘s need any helper, i'm pleasure be one

Anonymous recent projects

adzenith 7 years ago • updated by Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago 3
I'd like it if I didn't have to save a project in order for it to show up in my recent projects -- if I add some folders and edit some files, then it'd be really sweet if that project showed up in the recent projects list, just like how recent files that aren't part of a project show up in Goto Anything.

No way to get from Distraction Free to Fullscreen mode.

qay xsw 6 years ago 0
When in Distraction Free mode (Shift+11) pressing F11 does not enter full screen mode but normal mode even so Full Screeen mode as used before Distraction free mode.

Cameron links typhoon Haiyan to climate change

Jaine yie 4 years ago 0


There is growing evidence that climate change is causing more extreme weather disasters such as the Philippines typhoon, David Cameron said.

In remarks likely to infuriate the green sceptics in his party, the prime minister gave his first acknowledgement that global warming may be linked to increasingly intense storms across the world.

The remarks are Cameron's strongest defence of climate change science for a while, after repeated accusations that he has retreated from his pre-election pledge to run the greenest government ever.

Despite urging people to "vote blue, go green" in 2010, he has not given a full speech on the issue nor attended a UN environment summit since becoming prime minister.

Under pressure from many backbenchers, he has tightened planning controls on windfarms and pledged to "roll back" green subsidies on bills, leading to fears of dwindling support for the renewables industry.

However, Cameron spoke out on the need to tackle global warming at the Commonwealth summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after typhoon Haiyan killed at least 4,000 people and caused devastation across the Philippines.

Asked on Fridaywhether climate change was linked to the Philippines disaster, Cameron said: "I'll leave the scientists to speak for themselves about the link between severe weather events and climate change. But the evidence seems to me to be growing. As a practical politician, I think the sensible thing is to say let's take preventative and mitigating steps given the chances this might be the case."

He added: "Scientists are giving us a very certain message. Even if you're less certain than the scientists, it makes sense to act both in terms of trying to prevent and mitigate."

His comments also coincide with the United Nations talks on climate change in Warsaw, which has seen Japan slash its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and Australia fail to send a minister to the conference for the first time in 16 years.


Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project

bindiry 6 years ago • updated by August Burns 5 years ago 1
Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project,it will open user home folder.

Windows7 32bit