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At the request of one of the leading business magazines present corrected Horoscope for business. appeared in print a number of errors involving the incorrect fitting of Hitler's chart recommendations to the signs of the zodiac. So here is a list of corrections:

Recommendation for AQUARIUS:

In order to achieve promotion, work more efficiently.

properly applies to people under the sign BRIDE. Dear Aquarius, if this week worked effectively, hoping for a promotion, editors are not incurred because of this injury. Next:

Recommendation for TWINS:

This week, your boss will pay attention to your ideas.

This situation has BULL. Twin, if you think your boss but this week APPLIED attention to your ideas, it was a coincidence.

Recommendation erroneously ascribed to persons under the sign of Aries:

Please note if you do not take on too much. Take only those tasks that you have a chance to finish.

Of course, the recommendation only applies to shooters. Dear Aries, unnecessarily ograniczałeś last week.

FISH read: One of the meetings, which will be invited this week will be important for your career.

Well, unfortunately not. What else Capricorn - they had the opportunity to go to such a meeting.

MISS read, supposedly: This week, a person from another department asks you for help - it's worth fulfill her request, and even exceed her expectations and to offer specific support fixed.

Dear Miss, typical pixie printing ... What else You, CANCER. Well, if RAK read in last week's horoscope:

Take care this week, especially for refreshing news in your field - at the end of the week will be an opportunity to be demonstrated.

CANCER unnecessarily.

At the same time the editors did not rule out further corrections. Not responsible for erroneous activity due to the strict treatment of the recommendations of the horoscope BUSINESS. Makes every effort to ensure that the recommendations are accurate and adequately supported the decisions of professional readers.

For further recommendation visit:
Training and Mentoring
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Don’t get shocked if you hear demeaning remarks coming from your financial advisor next time like you are better off in a multi-cap fund if you don’t have the stomach for mid or small-cap funds. Today many advisors are playing it safe as they were facing a regular complain about the abysmal performance of small- and mid-cap investments from their clients.

What they were informing the clients are to try to find refuge in multi-cap funds if they can’t stomach volatility in small- and mid-cap schemes. The fund manager in a mutli-cap scheme has the liberty to change between market caps basing on the market circumstances and nothing like small and midcap schemes. westhill consulting

While the multi-cap cap category has retuned around 3%, the mid- and small-cap category has returned around 0.1% in the past one year. ”The mid- and small-cap category has a tendency to underperform the broad market at regular intervals.

For instance, the category is in the chucks in the same one and three-year periods. It has returned positively only in the five-year period,” says an investment consultant, who doesn’t want to be named. As per Value Research, a mutual fund tracking firm, the mid- and small-cap category has given a negative return of 2.6% in the three-year period.

Nonetheless, it has delivered around 18.8% in the five-year period. “Some clients just can’t be convinced that these schemes still have the potential to deliver superior returns, as they may lead the next rally.
That is why we started telling them to stay away from mid- and small-cap schemes and opt for multi-cap schemes,” he adds.

Dhruva Raj Chatterji, senior investment consultant, India, Morningstar Investment Management, says mid- and small-cap category is meant only for investors with a higher risk appetite. “This segment was badly hammered in June-July and also in the last year. It also didn’t recover in the recent rally that started sometime in September-October. That is why the performance of these schemes looks very bad from a three-year perspective,” he says. “The category always tends to suffer more in a bad market.

But they also give exceptional return in a particular year.” His prescription — investors without a higher risk appetite, stomach for volatility and longer investment timeframe should stay away from the mid- and small-cap sector.

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Welcome: Westhill House HighGate Consulting Rooms
The consulting rooms are located in West Hill House, a quiet building in Swain's Lane, set back from the road. Swain's Lane is one of Highgate's most charming streets. It is within 50 metres of Hampstead Heath and with easy access to bus, train and underground. Local restaurants and cafés add to the friendly, village atmosphere.
Full-time receptionist and support staff
Purpose-built for individual and group psychotherapy
Architect-designed and elegantly furnished
All lighting and heating supplied from renewable sources
Fully ventilated
Entryphones to all rooms
Waiting areas
Rent by hour or session
Daytime, evenings and weekends, 7 days a week
Broadband free of charge
West Hill House

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Why even have a forum if you don't answer people's queries, don't have a 'forgotten password', and don't reply to keyword queries? What a joke.


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I do not know about you, but I love the humor Wojciech Mann.One of the nicest moments of the week this morning "snippets of Activities" in the Trinity before 9TA morning when driving to work listening to Mr. Wojciech przekomarzajacego of Bukartykiem.Yes, it is there established hit "Women like flowers" ... What's interesting every morning, full of smart giggle broadcast editor Mann ends with the words: "Thank you for today, and if all goes well, we will hear on Sunday."

But what does it mean "How everything goes well ..."?Mr. Editor, is less than two days, what's going to happen?After the first moment of surprise, comes reflection: Well, a lot can happen ...

This kind of Memento Mori, you can (and should) be taken literally, but it has a dimension of trade.Are you ready for change?And what if on Monday will no longer be your position?In what state is your resume?Is the date zbierałeś testimonials from clients written on LinkedIn or Goldenline, or only now desperately begin to accumulate contacts?

Or not to be gloomy, what if tomorrow you get to realize a new, very interesting project?What about those things that realizowałeś so far?Is it them who take over?I had a few situations in life when working for many months managed to create something cool, but took care of succession.Sorry had to look that no successor projects are prepared natural erosion and processes without fixed guards become outdated ...

This is actually not such a rare situations.Editor Mann has survived many such stories.Despite the years, is not subjected to the routine, but it is always ready for a change.How to tell Spencer Johnson, author of "Who Moved My Cheese", Editor's always in sweats and sneakers.And you?Are you ready for change?It should be: Memento Mori!
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This is the best (and only way) to achieve seamless terminal integration on OS X. Pretty much it's a separate shell utility which is a DO client for your app (which is a DO server). It then pipes data to it, tells it to open a file, etc.

This is how the TextMate "mate" utility and the BBEdit "bbedit" shell tools work.

Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Please take a look at http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/osx_command_line.html
Not a bug
Julian Gamble 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 0
Sublime text 1 left 5 meg in my roaming profile on a windows active directory domain. Please provide a way to specify the location that the custom files get saved to - this is a showstopper in the corporate environment. 
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
You can use the portable version to ensure nothing outside the application folder gets written to
Scott Bowers 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 1

On Ubuntu 12.04 x64.

aristidesfl 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1

In order to stick with default OSbehavior and also improve the usability of creating new files I suggest assigning:

Super+N -> Open new window (like it does on textmate, finder, etc..)

Super+T -> Go to file/New file (Create new tab showing the current panel with a couple of teaks)

To open a file, it would work as usually:

Create new tab, type the name of the file, press return.

To create a file:

Create new tab and press esc to dismiss the overlay. 
As an enhanced behavior, the user could instead of pressing esc, type the name of the newfile+folder (somefolder/example.css) and press enter. If no folder is specified (example.css), the file would be created next to the previously displayed file. This would spare the user of having to save the file manually in order to have syntax features or having to deal with the save file dialog. 

All this could be complemented by a Create New File entry on the show_files overlay (the one which appears when you press super+t)
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Hello I am experiencing a problem with most recent version of sublime 2. My build system (nmake) used to work just fine with previous version, but now it sometimes works and sometimes does not. When it does not work, it opens an empty dockedbuild window at the bottom, but does not show any build steps ~ text, errors etc. I know build is going on, just text is not shown. Also, when text is not shown and I click in a window with my mouse, sublime crashes. When build is going and text is shown and I click, everything is fine.

adzenith 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 1
In Sublime Text 1, there was an option find.useSelectedText that you could set to false to prevent selected text from automatically being copied into the find box. Could this option be added into ST2?
Vincent Abric 6 years ago • updated by Hugo Schmitt 4 years ago 2
Same usefull feature as in this sublimetext 1 plug-in : HighlightCurrentWord
Eugene Wolfson 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
In Build 2128, on OS X, going in to Full Screen or Distraction Free mode and then exiting it causes Sublime Text 2 to crash.

If I reopen it, I do not lose my open tabs.
Corey Martella 5 years ago 0
would be great to have a shortcut for jumping to a parent class of the current buffer. In langs that don't have implementation/header file types it would be a great help
isomorph.0 4 years ago 0

where the hell can one find a complete list of all the theme components (classes) and their respective configurable attributes?  i've been wasting an hour googling to find just a few examples here and there, but basically nothing telling me what the full set of configurable theme component might be and all their possible values. i mean, seriously, don't the developers keep docs or something. (and yes i went to the official and unofficial docs page, both of which are a joke in terms of the depth of detail available. i am seriously pissed off--when i write code, i document everything, down to the single smallest detail possible, no matter how stupid it seems at the time regardless of all the hooting and jeering that causes from the crowd of the "it is so 'obvious' that no one will ever need to read up on it." wrong! you never know what kind of user or coder noob might use your software later and who would find an exhaustive documentation quite useful. s/he'll thank you for it. or curse you if it's missing, and rightly so. in other words, if you are gonna do something, why do a 1/2-assed job when you can give a 110%? i never understood this shoddy attitude. perfection, man. perfection.  if jobs hadn't strived for it, you macbook would suck as bad as a Lenovo Thinkpad. think about that for a moment, you goddam slackers.)

anyway, rant over--this is what i am talking about:



        "class": "name_of_theme_component",

        "configurable_property": "desired_value",

        "another_property": "desired_value"



        "class": "another_theme_component",

        "configurable_property": "desired_value"



Daniel Azuma 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 2
If you open a buffer in multiple tabs (using, for example, Goto Anything), make some changes, and save the buffer, the "file dirty" marker asterisk disappears only on the tab that was active when you saved. The other tab retains the asterisk.

Build 2032 on Mac OS X.

* Choose vertical two pane layout.
* Open a file in group 1.
* Switch to group 2. Open the same file there using Goto Anything. The same buffer now appears in two tabs, one in each group.
* Make some changes to the buffer. A "file dirty" marker asterisk appears in both tabs.
* Save the buffer. The asterisk disappears in the tab that was active when the save command was issued, but it remains in the other tab.
Games Faction 7 years ago 0
There are lots of use-cases for macros operating across multiple panes. In other words, please have an option for the macro'state to be global, not one per pane. I quite often need to create one file from the sources of several others and a macro operating across several panes is a very convenient way of doing it
Jelle de Jong 7 years ago • updated by Denis Tomilin 7 years ago 1
Travis Swicegood 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
There's an issue with the "e" key for moving the cursor in command mode.  It's supposed to move to the next word.  It does work if you switch to visual mode instead of command mode.

This appears to be a new bug, I've just noticed it after upgrading to build 2158.
Goutham Vel 6 years ago 0

access to all shortcuts via api. This can be used to create suggestions for shortcuts as we type. or can be used to create plugin