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Even worse, sublime will happily delete an entire folder tree without prompting.
The "Command Palette" (Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows) makes it significantly easier to discover features.
Feedback from the Jon Skinner regarding this idea:

"In general, I'm not a fan of atomic file saves. The problem the concept addresses, a crash or power outage during saves, is solved a different way in Sublime Text, via the auto save system. Atomic saves introduce a different set of issues: care has to be taken to preserve file attributes (creation date, permissions, etc), and other file meta data, like alternate data streams, are lost. It can interact in subtle ways with file system permissions.

Given that the method of simply overwriting files that Sublime Text uses is by far the most common, I'd suggest that any file system monitoring tool that doesn't support that is in error. The usual pattern for watching file system changes is to wait a short time after any modifications to a file before performing actions, to catch this and other scenarios. Sublime Text itself operates this way with its file system monitoring for the side bar."