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oh, nice one!  and here it does work ootb.  however, in the meantime i've gotten used to using F4, which already goes a long way… :)
Thanks for your quick reply.

And yes, this already helps.  However, often I don't want to go through all of the matches, but find myself browsing the 'Find Results' buffer using the keyboard (page-up/page-down etc) and would like to open individual matches without having to switch to the mouse.  It's not overly important, though… :)
Yes, I think there are all sorts of use-cases here...  Having additional information available with — for example — a swipe to the right (to the "left" of the line numbers, so to say) could be very helpful.  I often check "blame" to figure out why some particular code was introduced and what might depend on it, but test coverage info is also a great idea.