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Actually, if I just type in "neta", 'netaxept.rb' isn’t even in the visible part of the result list, but 'unclosed tag.sublime-snippet' is in fourth place with no "word-part-start" matches, all characters are matched in the middle of the filename - the 'n' and 'e' in 'unclosed' etc.
Here is another example where I feel it would be more natural if the order was reversed, since the text I have typed so far perfectly matches the start of the filename of the second file in the list:

The expanded paths for the matches are as follow:

* ./db/migrate/20101012195957_add_netaxept_fields_to_accounts.rb
* ./vendor/plugins/active_merchant/lib/active_merchant/billing/gateways/netaxept.rb.

I guess this might also be fixed by the change you mentioned in your earlier comment - I just thought I’d mention it.
My pleasure. Thanks for the thorough explanation and, of course, for the upcoming fix.
I support that could work, but the "/" is somewhat difficult to type on my Norwegian keyboard, so I’m very pleased that Jon will address this. The Goto File/Anything overlays are, at least to me, a crucial part of the editor.
Doh! I’ve pushed a new version which includes the import line and is more tidy :)
I can’t remember where I found it, but I have a working plugin for that. I put it on GitHub for you:
There is a plugin for this, which I have adapted to work with ST2. You can find it on GitHub: