Your comments

I updated the plugin with the functionality requested by Marco Sordi. 

The plugin will look for a file name in the following places (and in the following order):

  1. the cursor expanded to enclosing quotes (both single and double quotes should work)
  2. the selected text
  3. the whole line
  4. the clipboard text

If no filename can be found, the plugin will try to create a new file from the selected text.

Both relative and absolute paths should work.

I also posted something on the forum, so any enhancement requests or other discussions should maybe go there:

Here is a plugin that I created for this.  You will have add a key mapping for it though.

Not a solution, but you can use ctrl+u to undo the last action, which should restore your selection(s).

The new "draw_minimap_border" isn't exactly what I was expecting / hoping. Maybe I'm alone here, bit I had hoped that there would be a border around the whole minimap, not just the box highlighting the visible area...