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I also feel that the package manager should be added by default. And if they could also give it an upgrade, that would be so awesome. Currently when getting sublime on a new installation (or for people who are just getting started), getting the package manager and add the plugins feels a bit too old-school to me. Why not have it behave like in Brackets. There you can just see a list of plugins you might want and click install. Way faster then the package manager in Sublime. Also, getting package updates like this would be way easier too.

I like using Sublime and currently Brackets feels a bit too slow for me, but i can see that grow beyond sublime cause some stuff just feel way more user-friendly to me. I'm not really into using the command prompt or similar features of my OS or apps, so i tend to look for stuff that has a GUI and features a more modern approach to work with or extend its capabilities.
Would very much like this.

A notification about newer versions would also be nice. Or even the ability to check for updates.