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Fixed in 2111, may close. 

Has this been done yet? I just removed Zen Coding package and seems to work?! 

This seems to be apparently fixed in buil 2111 (I'm not sure about this).

This has been fixed in Build 2111.

Shall close 

The title and comments are misleading. 

The issue here is adding an option to change what triggers lost focus event.

save_on_focus_lost saves files when focus is lost, not only from sublime, but also when you switch to other files inside sublime, so I don't understand how can you have unsaved changes anywhere else except on the current file.

I was just searching for the Enter Distraction Mode command and didn't find it either.. 

Including remembering full screen 

What was the negative vote about? 

That is already possible with "save_on_focus_lost": true.

Though I would like to see an option to save after a period of inactivity.

With 0 being continuos save. That would allow to have the browser+live-reload working in real time with sublime text like firebug css editing does.

So I'm voting up to this