Your comments

I think web dialog integration with basic hooks to handle calling js functions and listening to them (which most webview APIs allow for) would be perfect in the beginning. While the native UI components would also be great, I know it is a lot more effort, mostly because of layout control.

I'm looking at building a plugin that hooks the code much deeper into interactions with a local server for  code assist in very dynamic languages and other generation tools that would be much better off written and managed by the server. For this, a simple web page, with light integration in Sublime, makes a lot of sense. It is likely that even if you had the native controls, I would not use them for this use case.

In the end, however, native controls (as opposed to web) would probably be the most used api across all plugins in general, as I recognize my usage is not the most common haha.

Cheers and thanks for a great editor!