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Yes I am aware of the switch. Unfortunately this does not work in systems running Linux with slightly older versions of GTK, which is the problem I would like to solve.


Probably the best way to solve the problem (deleted files get re-created) is to make sublime close the view on the file when pressing delete. I am sure it can be achieved by setting up a macro with close and delete but having this as default behaviour of delete would be cleaner.

I also think fixing this issue is a priority. This makes soft wrapping absolutely unusable for files containing lots of text (markdown-ish, LaTeX, HTML).

Moreover, to my knowledge, there is no way of fixing this through a plugin.
This could be also used to define "master files": suppose i have a coding project spreading across many files; one of these is the Main file and when I press Build I want the Main file to be compiled, not the currently viewed one. So by defining something like

"cmd": ["compile", "${settings.main_file:${file}}"]

we would be able to compile normally when no main_file has been defined BUT we could then also provide a main_file value in the setting section of a  Project file and then get the Main compiled for that project.