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just set `"show_encoding": true, "show_line_endings": true,` in your user preferences

it's not a bug, just remove `*.class` from the `file_exclude_patterns` in the preferences

It looks like ST3 a) prompts to delete folders and b) moves files/folders to trash
if you want to change this behavior, just edit `Packages/Default/`. If you don't have this behavior, remove whatever dodgy sidebar plugins you have installed...

just add `"command": "show_panel", "args": {"panel": "output.exec"}` with the appropriate key to your keybindings

a setting to always show a prompt when a file is modified externally (`always_prompt_for_file_reload`) was added in build 3032

as far as I know it's only implemented on windows and mac - not linux :(
(see Build 2182 over on )
What would you think of being able to right click on a tab and there being an option to 'move to next group' or something?  It would result in more clicking, but less mouse movement ;)

Edit: just seen your edit - that was going to be my next suggestion lol - but I'd quite like to see the tab context menu option too :)
I do so reasonably often - may I suggest making use of the shortcut keys to move files between groups instead of dragging and dropping?  ctrl-shift-1 would move a tab from the bottom row to the top and ctrl-shift-2 would move a tab from the top row to the bottom row :)
I agree with you, same happens on the Windows build 2181