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I have to add my support to the request to fix this problem - based upon testing so far, ST2 is awesome, but it is simply not deployable within a production environment when another process merely "touching" a file causes the developer/sys admin to lose their cursor location in their file.
(Here is a valid test to demonstrate the issue;
* open a large file (be it a log file or code file etc)
* position your cursor say, 2,000 or so lines through the code,
* open a terminal, use the "touch" command to touch the file
* look at your code/log again - Oh no! It's been reloaded without your consent and your cursor is now at line1, column1.)

Imagine now that, instead of arbitrarily "touching" the file, it's touched by a process such as reloading the php source via apache because you've edited your code, or your system administrator has just updated a file search index, or the automated backups have just run...

This is especially troubling when in a large log file, code file or data file.  The file doesn't have to have been written to even for this behaviour to kick in...

This is *NOT* a feature - it is a bug and as Woody says, a deal breaker.

We cannot signoff licence purchases for ST2 without resolution of this issue.