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I made a plug in that will auto populate the fields for you.  It will give you an option to "file in file" when you right click a file in the side bar or the file content.  I am not sure if I can publish it here, if you give me your email I can send it to you.
Sorry, you didn't mention anything about the result panel so I didn't understand.

You do have the option of "in files".  It does have some limitations, you have to specify just the file name, if you give it the full path it doesn't seem to work.  Also it doesn't seem possible to auto populate the field, but getting the file name is easy enough by right clicking on the file.

One work around to all of this would be to drag the current file out, so it starts a new instance of sublime and then do a search on <open files>.  Not as friendly, but it will work.

I have been wanting to try out the plug in abilities, maybe I will see if I can add the functionality you want.
No feedback on this?
I think you are looking for the normal "find" under Find -> Find or ctrl+f (in windows anyway).
Awesome thanks.