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I often do modifications in both ST and VisualStudio interchangeably. Mainly because it's much faster to find a file in ST (Go to anywhere rocks while VS Express doesn't have such equivalent) but then I don't have auto-completion in ST so I can't use it all the time.

It's so annoying when after doing some small change in VS, ST scrolls file to the top. Also collapsing (loosing position of) all the bookmarks so that they end up on the first line is a bad issue. Please, please have a look at that.

I've defined custom scope in theme i'm using:

<string>Trailing whitespace</string>

And set setting:

"highlight_trailing_spaces_color_name": "trailingspace"

Background color of trailing spaces should be reddish while I see white. I'm using twilight theme with this one simple modification.

When I use default "comment" scope then background is gray but when I use anything else, it's white.