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Woo-hoo! Just tried latest dev build ( and the bug seems fixed!

I really started worrying because the power of muscle memory made me use Ctrl-C more often even in other applications... ugh...

Thankfully, I can now finally fully enjoy ST2! Thanks Jon! :)
There's also another (duplicate?) feature request: Drag and drop highlighted block of text and a bug related to this: Moving text with mouse not working.
I started using ST2 just recently and was surprised by the lack of this feature.

Searching here and finding feature requests (1, 2) for the same thing made me think ST2 is just that kind of editor where this sort of feature just isn't in the focus.

However, I see now there's an even older bug report suggesting this feature was present in builds prior to build 2059.

So, is this a bug or simply not implemented? Would appreciate a bit of clarification...
This is still a problem on Linux and it's the most annoying thing. Is it a confirmed bug or something that isn't planned to be fixed?

Using Linux for ~7 years straight now, I never copy anything with "Ctrl-C" nor by right mouse click - and I like it that way. Simply trying to copy something from ST and paste it anywhere else forces me to repeatedly go back in steps after realizing I hadn't actually copied anything. Frustrating... :/

And what's more, I'm beginning to realize how this makes me more and more unsure about having copied stuff simply by selecting text in every other program. And ST is the only one that breaks that behavior (that's also kind of a compliment to ST and you Jon because I'm still using it, even after that ;)).