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Whoops, that broke the formatting. Let me upload it real fast.
Here's a plugin:

import sublime
import sublime_plugin

class WordHighlightListener(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
  def on_selection_modified(self,view):
    regions = []
    for sel in view.sel():
      if len(sel):
        regions += view.find_all(view.substr(sel))
    view.add_regions("WordHighlight", regions, "comment", 0)
Well, if it's only one folder, then it could be the name of the folder... Other than that I'm not sure. I just have the tendency to drag a folder into an empty window and work on some files, and then I'll want to work on that same folder later but I never remember to save it as a project. :)
Haha thanks. I appreciate it. :) Unfortunately someone on the internet doesn't like the default zoom behaviour because the idea itself got downvoted.
What if the zoom button did default zoom behavior and then you could use fullscreen mode to go full screen?
"as it needs to be" can be subjective, but typically it's not--typically in OS X when you press the zoom button the window grows until it no longer needs scrollbars or until it's the size of the screen. If you frequently use the OS X zoom button you become quickly used to this behavior and it's annoying when an app does it differently. :)
I already did: "as large as it needs to be and no larger"