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An addition to previous indications that this capability already exists in a limited form: SQL statements in Python and regex patterns in Python. Paste these examples into SublimeText to see for yourself. 

SQL highlighting only recognizes a few SQL commands (e.g. "INSERT INTO" but not "CREATE TABLE"), and requires upper case syntax to be triggers: 

lowerCaseSQL1 = 'insert into tablename (columnName) values (value)'

upperCaseSQL1 = 'INSERT INTO TALBENAME (columnName) VALUES (value)'

lowerCaseSQL2 = 'select * from tablename'

upperCaseSQL2 = 'SELECT * FROM tablename'

failedSQL = 'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS tablename'

Regex highlighting is employed when using raw string notation:

regexString = r'^test[S]tring([a-z]+)\t\d{0,2}\d$'

nonRegexString = '^test[S]tring([a-z]+)\t\d{0,2}\d$'