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Yeah, I get that same NUL symbol.

Personally, I thought the built-in `wrap_lines` command is pretty weak - doesn't support comments or preceding whitespace, doesn't respect my selection.  I wrote a plugin to do this called SublimeTextFormatting  ("TextFormatting" in Package Control)
I've got a very hacky, temporary solution:
pos = self.view.viewport_position()self.view.show_at_center(sublime.Region(start, end))new_pos = self.view.viewport_position()if abs(new_pos[0] - pos[0]) <= 1.0 and abs(new_pos[1] - pos[1]) <= 1.0:    self.view.set_viewport_position((new_pos[0], new_pos[1] + 1))
I have more details... If I enter some PHP, just about anything will do, the score_selector works.  So that's good, this is actually useable in most scripts.

Still, strange that an empty file (just <?php, no code) behaves differently


class Test{}

Doesn't work:

The tab width is not as critical to me, but I do really wish that closing a tab would open the file to the left, instead of the previously edited file.  It would make it easier to close a bunch of related files that I have open.
I agree, and in the meantime, I would like to offer up a plugin-based solution.  It builds on my existing plugin, MarkAndMove, and adds a couple commands that accomplish this task.

I've bound ctrl+tab to "mark_and_move_window_toggle" and ctrl+shift+tab to "mark_and_move_window_mark" (see Example.sublime-keymap).  Now, when I press ctrl+tab, I can choose another open tab to bind to the current view, and subsequent ctrl+tab will toggle between the two windows.  If I want to re-bind different windows, I use ctrl+shift+tab, which is bound to "mark_and_move_window_select".

If you close the bound view, it will not reopen the file (too hard for now), it let's you select another.  Please send feature requests to MarkAndMove/issues.
Oh, I see.  Switch between two views, but not prev/next.  Seems very reasonable!  when I first read this I thought it was silly because you can use ctrl/super + 1..9 to select a tab.

But I agree, I think a "last view" is useful.  Actually, if goto-anything sorted by history instead of open tabs, it could perform this task (in which case you could press ctrl/super + p, enter to go to previous view).  Not as good as a command that could actually open the last view, but close enough for horseshoes.
I think that consistently-sized tabs is a great feature (this is just an opinion, I'm not declaring it to be a fact).
I can see the current file name in the window title, and most filenames fit in a reasonably-sized tab. I would like tiny filenames to have a normal-sized tab, and likewise for really long filenames. So I'm up-voting, and I hope this gets another round of consideration.
Srsly, who down votes a bug report.  I mean, at least have the decency to leave a helpful comment.  Is it not happening on your computer?  It is consistently happening on mine.

It's only fairly recent, I think, that .sublime-project files have supported relative paths.  So they can be shared now, whereas they could not before.  But you have to edit them manually, and Sublime Text is not very helpful there... you can use another editor, or temporarily rename the file to something else.  Hacky either way. :-/

In addition, anytime you add/remove a folder to the project, ST2 will rewrite the project file using — you guessed it! — absolute paths again.

If you're feeling especially industrious (and if you are using git), you can check the project file for absolute paths in a pre-commit hook.  Of course, everyone will need to use that script.  Now it's just getting silly.

The short answer, in my opinion, is "No." :-(

New feature!  Up vote!