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I believe matchit.vim also allows jumping between `do` and `end` in Ruby (and `def` & `end`, `if` & `elsif` & `else` & `end`, `begin` & `rescue` & `ensure` & `else` & `end`, etc...).

Is there some way to write a matchit.sublime plugin?
Visual Block Mode is definitely needed. It exists, anyhow, but I have to hold option and select with my mouse. That's visual block! Just make ctrl-V kick it off.
Block cursor should be optional. I'm enjoying the underline.
To clarify: With the Cmd-T vim plugin, I can start searching for a file (like Sublime's Goto Anything command) and then split it into a vertical or horizontal pane. This pane sticks with that tab. So I can look at a model and its test side-by-side, but when I switch to a controller the next tab over, I see it and its test, instead of needing to switch each pane separately.

So there are really two requests here: 1) Give us a way to open new files (with the Goto Anything command) into panes, and 2) make panes belong to a tab.

Should I make number 2 a separate request?
So is there any way to use them, currently? The only way I see is to select one of the "layouts" and then to drag files to them.