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I agree with this, but I would request that find and replace should be recorded as well (especially including RegEx support)!
I think you're possibly misunderstanding me... I'm not talking about auto-complete, I mean just for snippets.

For example, if I had two custom snippets as follows:

php->tab = <?php $1 ?>$0
if->tab = if ($1) { $0 }

... I'd want to be able to do php->tab, then immediately do if->tab and step through the if snippet and when it reached the last tab stop in the if snippet, have it resume where it was in the php snippet. Hope that makes sense!?

ps: I had a go at the new Textmate 2 Alpha and it doesn't even come close to convincing me to move back to it from Sublime. You're doing an amazing job!
Is there any way this could be done with a normal tab? Ctrl+Space is the default binding for application launchers such as Google Quick Search Box (on mac), Synapse (Linux), or Colibri (Windows).

I've tried rebinding the ctrl+space command to be tab, but that messes up the original tab functionality (as you probably would've known it would do).

Thank you for the quick response by the way!