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Nah, you could just see the future four months ahead. :)

Then good news, you should be able to update today.

I'm sticking with VS Code for other reasons, but I'm glad Sublime has support now.

Try Visual Studio Code, it's open source, free, and multiplatform and does so much cool stuff.

It's a matter of paying $70 for something, (which is totally cheap for a tool I'm in 12+ hours a day, I don't regret the purchase) and then seeing the FOSS equivalent AND the OS built-in both support this helpful feature that my paid tool doesn't. You know? But I've been having a great time in VS Code so it's all good.

When the Ferrari struggles with basic features like font rendering, embedded terminals, and doesn't even have a debugger, maybe it's time to switch to the generic pickup to get real work done.

Atom is too slow, but I've since moved on to Visual Studio Code because it's amazing. :)

And I have now moved to Visual Studio Code ( ) for this and other reasons. Don't regret my purchase, got several years out of Sublime, but VSC has support for ligatures and so much more.

  • Speed on par with Sublime
  • Live markdown preview
  • Integrated terminal including curses support
  • Better git support than the best Sublime addon
  • Integrated debugger spanning everything from C++ to Golang to C# (including Unity3D) to Chrome/Firefox/Edge
  • FOSS and available on all the same platforms as Sublime/Atom.

Am now recommending VSC to all my friends and coworkers who were on the fence about buying a Sublime license.

When it's past being moderated, see my above reply to myself. Switching to Visual Studio Code because it's surprisingly good.

Paid user here, legitimately considering moving to Atom for this feature.

It boggles my mind that notepad.exe supports a feature my ultra-high-tech swiss army knife of a text editor does not. Please consider this feature in future releases, don't leave it dangling as an incentive to switch to your free competition.