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With the Asus Transformer and the HP Slatebook x2 Android is starting to emerge as a viable laptop/hybrid platform.

Given its success in smartphones, and despite a lack of tablet-optimised apps, I have to say that Android looks like a more viable Linux-for-everyone than any of the alternatives, Ubuntu included.

However, Android development is not yet self-hosted. I would like to see ST on Android and am up-voting this suggestion, but I suspect that ST on Android will only really be sensible when Android is self-hosting its app development toolchain.

It works from the command line and in the build result panel, it would make sense if it worked in goto anything.

Whatever about the particular modifier-key, this is a useful addition for large (greater than a screen full) selections. You can currently extend-select using shift-click, extend-select-columnar would be nice. Should be achievable with a plug-in, if its not considered to fit the sublime selection style.
Can this not be achieved with multi-line typing? - you can add lines to the selection, then move the carets to the start or end of the lines and start typing/pasting.