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I'd love to see zen coding to sparkup added to the project.
Could this be related to the new tab completion?
I'm up to version 2032 and haven't had any crashes since 2027.
Thumbs up.
I haven't had it crash yet since installing the update. Thumbs up so far.
I regularly have Build 2020 (and the previous 3 builds) crash when using the find anything prompt to find files in a remote folder mounted through SSHFS. (And by regularly I mean ridiculously regularly... every 2-3 searches).

This is on a Ubuntu 10.10 desktop environment.
I'm using Ubunutu 10.10 with a remote folder mounted through SSHFS (-o workaround=all) and it takes about 15-20 minutes to populate a large project (1000+ files) in the project folders. This could be the same issue.

Edit: Since installing Build 2020 the project doesn't populate at all.