Plug-in menu

Vivian Wong 8 років тому 0


 I'm a new Sublime Text 3 user from China, when the first time I saw ST, I've like it very much,beacuse it's very beautiful.

 but ,like most chinese user, i'd like to localize the language to chinese,so I download the zh language sublime package from internet,

 It work fine,and all default menu has changed into chinese, that makes me understand easyer and work faster.

 but for further, I need more plug-in to make ST more Convenient(sorry, translate by google).

 so I use package control and install plug-in which i needed.but, these plug-in(s) place in diffrent sub-menu, and also not write with a chinese menu name.

 so, these make my ST like this


so, I suggesst that if you can make an agreement with DEVELOPERS make all plug-in in one sub-menu, just like Notepad++.

so ,the users can change the menu to there mother tongue,and it will make less trouble to find a packages from diffrent menu

we may take the advantage things from other design.

By the way, I've almost abandoned Notepad++,Only when I need to open a file very large(over 50MB).

Wish you make ST better