Context Coloring (JavaScript)

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Douglas Crockford introduced the concept of "Context Coloring" in one of his recent YUI videos. Please refer to the link below for details and to view the specific video segment. Just wondering if there is sufficient interest in "Context Coloring" to consider adding it as a new feature, and if so, can it be feasibly implemented within ST2? Thanks.




I think that this would be an awesome change in how to look and think about programming in an editor. I don't think that I have the technical skill to implement this feature but I would absolutely try it out and see where it takes me.

+1 I'd love to try this, just saw the video where doug talks about that.

Started googling and seems noone as this done yet...

Omg, I'd love this too!

With nodejs growing up fast, and of course html5, this might really is a killer feature for an editor!

Actually, there is an implementation for context coloring developed by (guess who?) doug crockford :) 

It's pure javascript and, apart from the language itself, I have no idea of whether it's feasible with current ST2/3 APIs or not...but really, it would be a super plus to this wonderful editor :)

Thanks Alessandro for the update! Here's the URL to read Doug Crockford's post on experimental context coloring: