Vintage command mode replace selection bug

Raphael Schweikert 8 років тому 0

When a selection has been created in Vintage’s command mode, the position of the cursor (underscore) should not be relevant in deciding what to replace when pressing “s” to delete the selection and enter insert mode.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type a test string, e.g. “test;”
  2. Enter Vintage command mode.
  3. Select “test” by double-clicking.
  4. (Note that the cursor sits on the last selected character.)
  5. Hit “s”.
Expected Result: “test” should be deleted with the insertion cursor being placed before the semicolon.
Actual Result: Both the selected text as well as the semicolon are deleted.

The bug is related to the placement of the cursor prior to hitting “s” since when creating the selection by dragging from right to left (and, thus, having the cursor at the beginning of the selection), the command works as expected.