Highlight folders in file browser panel

Alexey Kinyov 9 років тому оновлено Bryan Shelton 9 років тому 1
It's really hard to visually distinguish folders from files in file browser panel. It requires a bit of concentration. I really like minimalistic design of Sublime Text, but this part I think should be a bit more sophisticated. Folders should be highlighted with another color or have an extra icon, arrow is not enough.
I agree. I am absolutely loving Sublime 2. This is the one small thing that's missing for me; I have a really hard time scanning the tree and differentiating between files and folders with the arrow alone. It would be nice if folder text and file text were able to be independently styled in the theme. Vim's NERDTree plugin is a good example of a minimal file tree browser with a symbol and color differentiation between folders and files. I think that's all that's needed, I wouldn't advocate for turning the file tree into an icon heavy, less minimalistic, view.