Improve pane layout

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A lot of issues with the panes would be solved by adopting a similar system to BRIEF from several years ago. I can;t remember the exact specific keys, but in BRIEF, to split a pane, you would press F3 then the direction to split and a new pane would be created, automatically taking keyboard focus. For instance, F3+right, would split the current pane into two with the new one on the right-side of the original. This could be repeated infinitely in any direction.

F4+cursor removes the split in the cursor direction
F2+cursor moves keyboard focus to the pane in the cursor direction
A functionality like this is a must have. And also eclipse like pane creation is another option. You just drag a tab to right/left/up/down and it places it there.

I'd love to be able to manage panes/split through the command pallet.

And to be able to move through the panels using the arrows like TMUX or VIM does.

You can already arbitrarily split panes and navigate them with the Origami package (which works with ST3 also):


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