Resize tabs dynamically such that you can click the X to close multiple tabs in a row without repositioning the cursor.

Joshua Poehls 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Robert McLarty 9 lat temu 1
Currently (just like all other editors I've used) when you close a tab by clicking the X you have to reposition your cursor to close the next tab. I find this really annoying and love how Chrome will automatically make the next tab's X line up with your cursor.

Here is a very good article explaining how Chrome behaves in this manner: http://theinvisibl.com/2009/12/08/chrometabs/

I would love to see Sublime work like this as well.
I've been running into this issue a lot too. I just started using Sublime for a serious project to fully evaluate it (and am loving it so far) but this issue definitely stuck out to me. I use Chrome as my main browser and agree that their solution to this issue makes the most sense.