"Use Selection for Find" should use global register instead of per-window.

Dan Rogers 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Ricci Adams 9 lat temu 4
In almost all other editors on OSX, the Command+E shortcut will place the selected text into a system-wide register so that the selection can be used as the search string in other apps + windows. 

Use case example: Select some text in Safari, hit Cmd+E, then switch to a file in TextEdit (or TextMate, MacVim, Xcode) and hit Cmd+G to find the string from the global register. This string would also populate the search field in the Cmd+F dialog box.

Question: This seems to be an intentional behavior to isolate the find strings between separate windows in ST2. Can we have a setting to allow Command+E to use the global clipboard/register instead?
I would like to add that with the global register, the Cmd+E string should be exported from ST2 & available to other OSX apps as well (so that they may use Cmd+G to find the string in their text views).
Support for the find pasteboard is critical for my workflow. It's the major thing which keeps Sublime Text 2 from feeling truly "mac-like" for me.
Looks like this was fixed in dev build 2182. Thanks Jon! :)
Thanks for the heads up Dan!  This works great in 2182!  *gets out credit card and finally purchases Sublime Text 2*