Image Source Completion

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A while ago I asked this question on StackOverflow:


Code Completion that would access the filesystem would be very helpful, not alone for Images, but also for css/js files and so on...

Now I would like to ask this here. Is there anything planned towards this, are there existing plugins that are doing something like this? 

Agree - this is something quite important. Even if I will need to use shortcut and select file just like Go-to-anything works - it will fit my needs.
I just created a plugin to do this, here: https://gist.github.com/1608287
EDIT: My plugin called AutoFilename and is now available through Package Control.
The plugin from Liam Cain works like a charm, thank you for that. Could this get a built-in-feature one day?
>>>Could this get a built-in-feature one day?
No.  Sublime Text's autocompletion queries are generated through python and then processed and displayed through C++ (aside from the default completions which just contain a list of words found in the current file).  So while Jon could make something to do this pre-installed in Sublime, it would ultimately end up being a "plugin" (meaning made with python using Sublime's API).  This could be potentially worse since my plugin is open-source, allowing for new features, bug fixes, and more active maintenance.