Path truncation needs to have a minimum number of letters to show.

Thomas Woolford 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt 9 jaar geleden 0
Whenever I hit large paths or dotted paths all throughout Sublime where the truncation mechanism kicks in, they become truncated to the point of uselessness.

I.e. whenever I see something like `A...b...c...E...F...g...h...I...j...K` in the results it tells me very very little. There are more periods in there than actual data. There needs to be a rethink of the algorithm that places, say `Aaa~bbb~ccc~Eee~Fff~ggg~hhh` in the box, giving those extra 2 chars to the names.

Perhaps enforce a 3 char minimum and take part of the path out of the middle of the path to conserve space. i.e. `Aaa~bbb~ccc~...~Iii~jjj~Kkk`