Filter out compiled output files, when source matches but not always (coffee, js)

Ilkka Tuohela 8 jaar geleden 0

I would like to be able to define in settings when to filter out browser files which match a source / compiled file pattern: for example, I don't want to hide all .js files from my project, but if in same directory there is a foo.coffee file, I would like to hide foo.js because it can be expected to be compiled from the other file.

Of course I can define per project 'hide .js files in folder x', but it would be easier to be able to configure 'whenever I have .coffee hide matching .js'.

If I have date.js in a directory without matching 'js source' files in same directory, the date.js should be shown: this is why current file_exclude_patterns does not work in this case.

Example how this might be configured in user settings (globally, not per project):

compiled_file_extension_exclude_patters = {

'.js': [ '.coffee' ],

'css': [ '.less', '.coffee' ]