Drag and Drop Text Copy/Clone

Brian Kim 9 year бұрын updated by Tim Gummer 8 year бұрын 3
I see that drag and drop to move text is now supported in the nightly build (thanks!), but I still would like to see a feature I liked in TextWrangler/BBEdit -- hold down option/alt while dragging to copy/clone the dragged text, rather than move it.

Absolutely please - this really is an OS wide basic - quite frustrating to find it's missing - this is the first editor I've used without drag opt copy/clone

In 2.0.1, at least, this does work. However, it only works if there's a line of whitespace between the selection and where you're trying to drag to. I would greatly prefer that there doesn't need to be whitespace or other separator between the content being copied and the destination.

Thanks Forrest - yes I did find it suddenly started working though I couldn't latch it to any particular update. Helpful to understand the whitespace exception - cheers